Membership of the SCFG is open to any finance professional involved in the charity or voluntary sector in Scotland. The membership year runs from 1 April to 31 March.

Membership benefits include:

  • complimentary registration at seminars and network lunches covering a wide range of charity finance topics;
  • reduced registration at SCFG conferences and ticketed events;
  • regular e-newsletters;
  • access to private LinkedIn group membership;
  • an opportunity to assist in improving professional standards within the charity finance sector;
  • an opportunity to make your views known to organisations such as OSCR and the Scottish Government through consultation and lobbying groups;
  • an opportunity to network and build contacts with peers across the charity sector at seminars and lunches;
  • access to a list of members who offer their services, expertise, guidance and advice
To join SCFG download a membership application form here

Categories of membership

There are two categories of membership:

1. Full membership carries voting rights and is open to individual and charity members.

2. Associate membership gives the right to attend members’ meetings but no voting rights. Associate members will comprise no more than 20% of the total membership.

Types of membership

There are three types of membership:

1. Individual membership is open to any person aged 16 years or over who is active in the field of charity finance.

By way of example, an individual member may be:

(a) a volunteer or employee of a registered charity or voluntary organisation who elects to join SCFG in his/her own right (ie. the membership subscription is not funded by the charity or voluntary organisation).

(b) a sole trader working in the charity finance sector, such as an accountant, independent examiner, finance administrator, adviser.

Individual members are Full members of SCFG.

2. Charity membership is open to any registered charity or voluntary organisation which appoints a “named representative”, such as finance director, manager, employee, trustee or adviser, to act as first point of contact with SCFG.

Additional members or employees of the charity or voluntary organisation can the be added to the mailing database for the purposes of receiving information, bulletins, newsletters, etc.

Charity membership also permits any member of that charity or voluntary organisation to attend and participate at SCFG events and activities, thus widening the scope of attendance and engagement to all disciplines within the organisation, including fundraising, HR, management boards, trustees, etc.

Charity members are Full members of SCFG.

3. Corporate membership is open to adviser and support organisations, for example, firms of accountants, solicitors, business advisers, investment managers, insurers, IT support services.

Corporate membership offers opportunities to support SCFG and its members by way of:

  • speaking at SCFG events and seminars
  • delivery of training and advice at SCFG events
  • sponsorship of conferences and seminars
  • hosting network breakfasts, lunches and seminars
  • promoting charity events through SCFG

Corporate members are Associate members of SCFG.

Membership renewals

Membership renewals for 2019/20 are due on 1 April. We will be pleased to accept renewal payments from 20 February 2019.

To renew membership for 2019/20 download the renewal form here

If you have any questions or wish to find out more about membership, please contact the SCFG Administrator.

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